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Our Projects

Barangaroo Precinct

Bespoke Formwork is proud of the work completed in the recently opened Barangaroo Precinct. Bespoke was able to deliver a variety of concrete features that helped bring the precinct to life. The work in the precinct included but was not limited to: A wide range of shaped concrete columns (ovals, round, square, rectangle, and rectangle with radius ends), Y-shaped columns, custom shaped planter boxes, and spiral staircases. You can see our work below or within the Barangaroo Precinct in Sydney.

k_large planter.jpg
Barangaroo stairs R8 23.JPG
Y column Barangaroo.jpg
Y cols Barangaroo 4.jpg

Opera Residences – Circular Quay

Opera Soffit Night.jpg

Another project delivered by Bespoke Formwork included the development of concrete structures in the Opera Residences located in Bennelong Point Sydney. The project is located in a prime location near Circular Quay in Sydney and displays the quality of the work delivered by the Bespoke Formwork Team. The work at this location included: V-shaped capping beams, 5x feature beams within the residences, a sloping wall, level 5 feature soffit with radius soffit, coffers, and beams.

Opera Suites Sth Wall and soffit.jpg
Opera_Capping Beam.JPG

Coming Soon: Vaucluse Project 

We are currently completing a project in Vaucluse which will be Bespoke Formworks most impressive project to date. Stay tuned.