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Bespoke manufactures complicated shaped moulds to create almost any desired wall shape. Bespoke’s moulds can be placed within either conventional formwork shutters, or can accommodate almost any type of proprietary formwork systems that a formworker may wish to use.


The basic concept is that the external face of the Mould is flat so that the formworker can simply install a series of straight parallel formwork shutters, and the complicated shapes within are created using Bespokes moulds. This process enables the formwork contractor to assemble a simple, cost-effective and timely formwork structure while on site. Feature walls may be sloped, have radius ends, have a corrugated or individually designed surface finish, or any combination of these. 


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Bespoke can create exciting and visually appealing columns for your next project. Bespoke understands a growing area of importance for columns is their aesthetic appearance. Commonly these columns are visible so the architects and end users have requested improved levels of surface finish, that's where Bespoke comes in.

Quite often, architects, designers and construct builders wish for the columns to become features within the buildings. They may be sloping, V or Y shaped, taper or have fancy capitals at the top or bottom.


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The Formwork Contractor forms a flat deck. Bespoke supplies the custom-shaped forms to create any desired features that may be required for a Bespoke-shaped concrete soffit.


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Bespoke has previously made mouldings for a wide range of concrete structures including, landscaping, wave pool mouldings, Penetrations in slabs, manholes, offshore buoys, domes, minarets, etc.


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Bespoke can manufacture customised mouldings for almost any shaped column, capital, or headstock. These mouldings generally can accommodate any preferred external formwork shutter system. 
Alternatively, Columns and piers may incorporate a wide range of internal shapes within an external round tube form. These require minimal external bracing and offer potential site programming and logistical advantages.


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The Formwork Contractor erects simple formwork structures while Bespoke can supply the custom-shaped forms to create even the most complex shaped beams.

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