Meadowbank TAFE

To kick off the Meadowbank TAFE project, Ezytube square column forming tubes were selected by the formwork contractor, Formsite. The project team selected the Ezytube square tube forms due to ease of use, significant safety benefits, almost precast quality surface finish; and benefits including time, labour and program savings. It is these features that make Ezytube square columns a top pick for projects nationally. You can read more about the Bespoke product range on our products tab, here.

Traditionally, forming 500x500mm square column forms by conventional means takes 2-3 carpenters up to 8 hours to form approximately 3-4 columns. Using Ezytube square tube forms, 2-3 non-skilled workers can set up approximately 20 columns in 5 hours. Almost 8 times the number of deliverables per man hour.

Significant onsite labour is saved as the Ezytube forms are manufactured offsite and simply placed over the reinforcing steel before pouring with concrete. The Ezytube forms can be either be “Poured Down” (with the deck), or “Pour Up” (freestanding). Both of these pour methods were utilised on the Meadowbank project.

When Pouring Down, builders can often benefit in the order of 1-2 days saving per pour area compared with pouring up. On a project of say 30 pours, builders on past projects have saved between 30 -60 days by changing from “Pour Up “to “Pour Down” methods.

  • Pour down time saving: 30-60 days

Sonoco supplied over 250 square Ezytube forms for this project varying from 3mtrs – 10mtrs in height which were all poured as a single pour.

Most columns were “Poured Down” and located centrally within the beams, however Ezytube also supplied several high strutting Flatback square columns that were located close to sandstone boundary walls which would have been extremely difficult to form using conventional methods.

These are just a few reasons and statistics behind why you should choose Bespoke Formwork and our innovative formwork solutions for your next project!

Congratulations to Johnny, Tom, Matt, and the team at Formsite who completed this project at Meadowbank TAFE in such a professional and expedient manner.